Sunday, August 3, 2014

French-Style Yogurt

Remember that yogurt we ate for breakfast every morning in Paris? I brought the empty jars home in my carry-on! The day I got home, I ordered a yogurt maker and set out to replicate that creamy texture.

I tried using a powdered starter, then a variety of fresh yogurts. Stonyfield whole milk plain yogurt gives a good taste and texture. So does Sophia's Sheep and Goat's Greek Yogurt.  I add a dash of local fresh heavy cream from Tiverton, RI when I want a creamier dessert-like yogurt. Experiment to get the taste and consistency you like. The addition of powdered milk gives it a thicker consistency.

Creamy Yogurt Recipe:

42 oz. or 6  7oz yogurt cups of organic whole milk
1/4 cup heavy milk (optional). Use less milk if using cream.
2 tablespoons Organic Valley non-fat  dry milk. If you like it thicker use more, or less if a thinner consistency is desired. 
7oz of favorite organic plain whole milk yogurt (Stonyfield works well for the yogurt and milk.)
Flavorings of choice: instant coffee, vanilla extract or vanilla paste, sour cherry jam etc.

Sterilize jars in boiling water before making. Make sure you have a candy thermometer to test temperature because yogurt needs to cool to 110-115 degrees. 

Add milk to medium size saucepan until it just begins to boil (before it starts to rise up.) Remove from heat and cool until temperature reaches 110-115 degrees.

Pour a small amount of liquid into small bowl and mix with your flavoring then reserve. Add yogurt to cooled milk in saucepan and stir. Add flavored mixture and the powdered milk.  (I add cooled mixture to a Vitamix blender and mix at very  lowest speed for two seconds but light hand mixing is fine. Don't overmix as too many bubbles make a foamy top on yogurt.)

Fill yogurt cups and place in a yogurt maker such as the Euro Cuisine one shown here. Set time for 7 hours. When done put lids on jars and refrigerate for a few hours. 

Before putting lids on you can drizzle vanilla bean paste on the tops if desired.

Or swirl in some of your favorite preserves. Try blueberry, raspberry, strawberry or sour cherry.